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Designing post-installed rebar using the development and splice provisions of ACI 318 Chapter 12 and Chapter 21 is not the same as designing post-installed rebar using the anchoring provisions of ACI 318 Appendix D. Since the bar is being installed at deeper embedments and being used to develop lengths for seismic design, shear dowels and starter bars as well as tension for compression lap splices, reinforcing bar theory must be applied and adhesive anchor systems must be qualified for recognition and use under the 2015 IBC before being used for reinforcing bar installation.

Hilti Rebar Method for Engineers

Hilti’s advanced and unique design solutions allows you to solve structural design challenges you as an engineer might be facing.  Ever had problems designing a concrete staircase connection into a thin wall? Did you ever have to design post installed rebar for a retaining wall where the starter bars where left out or in the wrong position and the bending moment was just too big?  This is the structural engineering solution you were missing.  If you need more information contact our engineering department in Johannesburg. 

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Technical Resources for Rebar Design

PROFIS Engineering Suite

Profis Engineering Suite

The PROFIS Engineering Suite makes tackling even the most complex and challenging anchoring projects easier. 

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Rebar design Guidelines

Rebar Design Guidelines

See how to tackle shorter anchorage lengths, shear reinforcement, shear friction and designing with Eurocode 2.

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ASK Hilti

Ask Hilti - Engineering Website

Ask Hilti is an online community offering contiinuous education credits and expert advice from top engineering professionals.

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Typical Reabar Applications

Hilti Rebar Design Applications

Use post-installed rebar to extend, strengthen or add new components to existing structures.

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Engineering Services

Onsite Testing

We have teams of specialist engineers worldwide who support with onsite testing.

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Technical Rebar Trainings

Hilti technical training

We offer a range of training, seminars and webinars to help you throughout the different phases of your build.

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Technical documents

Hilti technical Documents

Delve in deeper. We’ve been researching rebar for over 25 years so here are some of our reports and guidebooks for a more detailed technical view.

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White papers

Hilti White papers

Artciles that educate engineers, architects, specifiers and contractors on trending engineering topics.

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