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23 May - 30 June 2022

Discounted Deals for Hilti Online Purchases Only

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Discounted deals on on power tools, grinders, cordless tools, drills, rotary hammers and so much more. Much more productivity at a lower cost


We will keep you cozy with our warm combo deals this winter.


Specials are available on the Hilti Website ONLY from 23 May - 30 June 2022. While stocks last!

  • Shop via the Hilti website ONLY for a whole week!  T&Cs apply
  • Get Free Shipping for all online orders above R2000!


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TE 2-M Combo

TE 2-M Combo

  • 1x TE 2-M 230V Case
  • 1x HSS drill bit 1-13 (25) set
  • 1x Hammer drill bit TE-CX (12) L1 set
Buy at R5,500.00 (Excl. 15%VAT)
Laser range meter PD-E

SR 4-A22 Kit

  • 1x SR 4-A22 Case
  • 10x  Reciprocating saw blades SP 20 1014 (5) univ
Sold Out
Rotating laser PR 30-HVS A12 Full Kit

PR 30 HVS Kit

  • 1x Rotating laser PR 30-HVS A12
  • 1x Battery charger C 4/12-50 230V box
  • 1x Battery pack B 12/2.6
  • 1x Tripod PUA 25
  • 1x Measuring rod PUA 53 CM
Buy at R27,500.00 (Excl. 15%VAT)
Rotating laser PR 30-HVS A12 Full Kit

SJD -6 Combo

  • 1x Orbital jig saw SJD-6 220- 240V box
  • 40x Jig saw blade MD 220 1.1BiM (2)
Buy at R5,000.00 (Excl. 15%VAT)
Rotating laser PR 30-HVS A12 Full Kit

DX 2 Combo

  • 1x Powder-actuated tool DX 2
  • 1000x Concrete nail X-C 27 P8 BULK
  • 1000x DX Cartridge 6.8/11 M BULK yellow


Sold Out
Laser range meter PD-E

AG-4S Case

  • 1x AG-4S Case
Buy at R3,800.00 (Excl. 15%VAT)
Rotating laser PR 30-HVS A12 Full Kit

AG 125-13S Kit

  • 1 x AG 125-13S
  • 25 x Cutting disc AC-D SPX 125x1.0
Buy at R2,200.00 (Excl. 15%VAT)
Rotating laser PR 30-HVS A12 Full Kit

SF 6H-A22 Combo

  • 1x SF 6H-A22 Case
  • 1x Bit Set S-BSC+ UNI 25/1" T (10)
  • 1x Masonry drill bit MDB 4,5,6,8,10 kit
Sold Out

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Prices include 15%VAT & exclude delivery fees. *Prices are valid while stocks last & subject to T’s & C’s. Offers are valid 23 May - 30 June 2022, ONLY through the Hilti website -

These specials offers are subject to availability and are correct at time of printing. E&OE. 

Accessories, inserts, and batteries are not included with the tools unless otherwise indicated.

Hilti SA reserves the right to cancel offers at any time without prior notice.

Offers only apply to purchases directly from Hilti.


Limit to one giveaway per customer.

Giveaways limited to the spent amount on listed Black Friday specials ONLY and can not be exchanged. Delivery of giveaways scheduled for after Black Friday. 


For online purchases, you pay no freight for orders above R2000. For orders below R2000, you pay a flat freight of R115.  Applicable R230 freight applies for purchases through our Customer Service, Hilti Stores and via your  Account Manager. Prices of items do not include freight rate. Please allow 1-2 business days delivery for Gauteng and Central orders, 3 business days delivery for Coastal orders, following end date for Hilti Online purchases. 


Excluded Items: Repair Parts. Past orders do not qualify. May not be combined with any other discounts or price agreements. No liability accepted for errors or other deficiencies. Offers void where prohibited by law, regulation, or customer rules.

See your Hilti representative for details. 

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