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Batteries included

Dubai (UAE), May 2017- Konstantin Fedin (previous PT&A Product Manager) explains

how he turned his passion for battery technology into a one year project. The special

purpose: operating a car by using Hilti batteries. Konstantin shares his motivation

behind the project, the challenges he faced during his journey and the burning passion

he has for innovation.

What was your biggest motive to take on this project?

My passion for innovations, battery technologies and cars all together drove me forward. Being responsible for cordless tools in SR Gulf and SR NEEA as a product manager, I wanted to show everyone that Hilti batteries are capable of moving something other than just construction power tools. And I had no doubts that the finest quality of Hilti batteries together with some mechanical engineering will allow me to reach success at the end. I love taking on challenges, and this idea just added more fuel to the fire.

Hilti batteries

How long did the project take to complete, and what did you enjoy the most about it?

I started this project in July of 2016. It was a long journey, full of unexpected surprises and hidden challenges. It took me nearly 9 months to finally run the first Hilti Electro car and introduce it to my colleagues during the Marketing wave in March 2017. Creating something totally new and completely out of the box – not construction related, by using the latest technologies from Hilti, was an exceptionally proud achievement and a source of personal motivation.

Hilti batteries

What was your biggest challenge during the process?

The whole project was full of questions which I have never faced before. For instance, many times when I faced design challenges, I tried to consult and get advice from professionals in the automobile and electrical engineering industries. But I often got the answer: “It’s not possible, don’t even waste your time". After a few weeks of internal brainstorming we were able to find a solution and we were able to overcome the next challenge. The conclusion is: “Nothing is impossible.”

Hilti batteries

In brief, how would you describe our Hilti batteties- What sets us apart?

There is no brand on the market that can match the level of the Hilti products and services, and our batteries are no exception. The features of the Hilti batteries are unique and relevant to the construction industry, including the shock absorption internal design of the housing that is made of fiber glass with extreme external impact resistance; fully sealed electronics for dust and moisture protection, double tapped contacts with independent cell power control managed by CPC technology and much more. This is what makes the Hilti batteries unique with unmatched performance on the market. This is what drives every employee in our company to further make a difference every day. And I am proud to be part of such a team!

Hilti batteries

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