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Hilti Training Academy

When you get into a project, you want all the information you need to do the best possible job. That’s why we have the Hilti Training Academy—a place where architects, engineers, specifiers and contractors can build their knowledge and stay up-to-date on trending trade topics.This Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training programs are on the following key topics:

  • Concrete Anchor Design Principles (CESA-835-02/2019) / (SAICEcon -16/01952/19)
  • Post Installed Rebar Design Principles (CESA-836-02/2019)
  • Advanced Firestop Training (CESA-1254-01/2021) / (SAICEcon -16/01951/19)

All of Hilti’s trainings are accredited with CESA and attendants gain a full CPD point towards their continuous professional development. Hilti trainers are engineers that have further studied through Hilti abroad and have gained a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Delivery of CPD trainings are conducted at various locations around the country and can also be done onsite for ease of mobility and convenience.
Take a look at the 2017 Training schedule.


2018 Training Schedule

  • Coming soon.


Concrete Anchor Design Principles (CESA-835-02/2019) (SAICEcon -16/01952/19)

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Post Installed Rebar Design Principles


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Advanced Firestop Training

(CESA-1254-01/2021) (SAICEcon -16/01951/19)

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