Post Installed Rebar Design Principles

Post Installed Rebar Design Principles


The course objective is to equip delegates with post installed rebar design principles to enhance the scope and quality of rebar design. Delegates will also gain an understanding of the differences between anchors and rebar modelling.

Course Description

The course will cover the following topics but not limited to:

  • Anchor vs. Rebar Theory, the differences between anchors and rebar.
  • The key applications for rebar.
  • Works like cast-in, what is cast-in, rebar comparison to cast-in.
  • Geometrical Rules, edge distance and spacing.
  • Overlapping and splicing.
  • Shear and Splitting Design.
  • Understanding rebar design criteria.
  • Approvals concerning rebar design.
  • Fire prevention requirements on rebar design.
  • Consequences of not following proper installation techniques.
  • Hilti PROFIS Rebar design software.
  • Calculation Examples.


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