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How Hilti’s firestop system was used to seal off penetrations in a building

Hilti Jobsite - Pietermaritzburg church auditorium

The Project

The 8 Hillside Road project is a renovation of an office block for new occupants in Johannesburg.  There had been numerous changes made to the building which included the addition of new penetrants through fire rated walls. 

The Challenge

Hilti Passive Firestop solution  - 8 Hillside Road

These penetrations all had to be sealed with a 2 hour fire rating. The timeline to complete this project was extremely tight and the client required documentation to ensure that the sealing of new penetrants were done correctly. This would be added to their fire file.

Hilti Firestop Protection Systems

The Hilti engineering team was contacted to assist in finding suitable solutions to seal off all penetrations correctly.  A meeting was held with the contractor to understand the project requirements.  A site walk was done and pictures taken of the relevant penetrations to be sealed.

A detailed submittal document was handed to the customer listing all of the penetrations together with the relevant approval documents.  The approval documents were in accordance to UL and BS tested systems.  These documents detailed how to install the appropriate products to ensure that they are applied correctly to provide a two-hour fire rating. 

A bill of quantities was also submitted which allowed for accurate pricing of the project.

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