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Project Overview

Construction of a basin is underway within Port of Ngqura’s existing harbor in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This basin will be an extension to the existing harbour and would serve as a docking station for the service tugs and admin craft. Part of the construction consists of a finger jetty pier that is being constructed on piles which will have shear walls constructed between each set of adjacent piles. To achieve this, rebar would have to be post installed, by coring multiple holes in each pile and epoxying in Y42 cross rebar with Hilti RE500 as can be seen in the accompanying photos.

Hilti's Pull out Test

The Challenge

An on-site proof pull-out test of 105kN on a mock Y20 bar, embedded 400mm deep, was requested. This was calculated to mimic the foresighted 260kN tidal forces on the actual Y42 rebars that were embedded 700mm deep that would then make up the shear walls.

The test was carried out at 105kN and was increased to 120kN with the Hilti HAT 175 testing apparatus without any failure to the concrete pile, steel or chemical adhesive.

Hilti's Solution

The HIT-RE 500 was the best product our customer could use for their project because of a variety of reasons:

  • One of them is the ability to cure in wet and moist environment.
  • The high bond strength of the chemical anchor optimizes the embedment depth required, resulting in a saving of the total chemical required.
Hilti Jobsite Reference- Post Installed Rebar
Hilti Jobsite Reference- Post Installed Rebar

Customer's Testimonial

“I think the Hilti brand provides ideal solutions coupled with excellent quality.”

Bradley Abels of Basil Read


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