Blackrock mine

Blackrock mine - Hilti Jobsite Reference


Nyeleti Consulting Engineers was contracted to perform GPR scans on the hopper slab of the run of mine silos at Black rock mine in Kathu.

The Challenge

The scope of works consisted of determining the root cuase for cracking on the hopper slab soffit.

Hilti's Solution

The PS 1000 GPR scanner was used to determine if reinforcing was allocated to counter cracking at the corners of the chute opening. All the data was in turn presented in an engineering report.

Hilti Jobsite Reference - Nyeleti Consulting Engineers

Due to the scan being performed on the soffit of the slab made it very uncomfortable to access the slab. However, this was made easy due to the light weight of the products.

Hilti Jobsite Reference - Nyeleti Consulting Engineers

This product worked great to verify the presence of transfer bars according to the design drawings. The user friendly and immediate interpretation PS 1000 software made it easy to present the findings to the client while 600m below the surface. No computer device was needed.  

Customer's Testimonial

Since we purchased the ps 1000, the Hilti staff have been willing to assist. They are always very quick to respond to a query and provide a suitable solution.

Nyeleti Consulting Engineers


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