Church in Pietermaritzburg

Hilti PS 50 Multidetector is used by engineers to determine the structural integrity of an old building

Pietermaritzburg Church Auditorium - Jobsite Reference

The Project

A Pietermaritzburg church auditorium extension required the use of the HILTI PS50 Multidetector to determine the bending and shear reinforcing steel of an existing reinforced concrete ring beam.

The Challenge

Calculations showed that the existing bending reinforcing was insufficient to cater for the increased span and loads.

Hilti's Jobsite Reference - Church in Pietermaritzburg
Hilti Jobsite - Pietermaritzburg church auditorium

Hilti's Solution

To improve the moment capacity of the beam, a mild steel plate was epoxied and anchored to the soffit of the ring beam using HILTI HUS3 Screw Anchors, in a staggered configuration. Our PS 50 Multidetector Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scanner is used as a nifty tool by engineers to determine the structural integrity of old buildings. 


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