Faster, more accurate solutions for more applications.

Profis Design Software

Only Hilti offers PROFIS software—a complete family of comprehensive tools that help designers and specifiers get more done more efficiently.

From anywhere, any time—and with only a few clicks—you can quickly, easily calculate complex problems. It means you can get a better solution in a fraction of the time. 

PROFIS tools are:

  • Fully integrated and compatible with building information modeling BIM/CAD object databases
  • Available in mobile and desktop versions
  • Simple, easy to use and accurate
  • Compliant with relevant provisions, approvals and codes

Browse and download PROFIS Software

  • PROFIS Engineering Suite

    The PROFIS Engineering Suite makes tackling even the most complex and challenging anchoring projects easier. The state-of-the-art software handles calculations and analysis of the different elements of a steel to concrete connection including a base material, steel plate, anchors, weld and stiffeners with easy iteration and thorough documentation - all from one cloud-based tool.

    Download PROFIS Engineering Suite

    PROFIS Rebar

    Calculate tension and compression lap splice lengths, development lengths for starter bars, special moment frames and special structural walls, and shear dowels. Also calculate post-installed reinforcing bar embedments based on shear friction theory and research.

    Download PROFIS Rebar

    PROFIS Installation

    Perform complete design and structural analyses of support structures built with Hilti Modular Systems—including Hilti Modular System MI for heavy industrial applications.

    Download PROFIS Installation
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    Profis Anchor Channel

    How to design anchor channels. Helps you design facades, lift shafts and other anchor channel applications

    Download PROFIS Anchor Channel

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