Rotating Laser Level PR 3-HVSG

Superior sensitivity in a tough outer shell.

Rotating Laser Level PR 3-HVSG

Want standout performance? The latest Laser Class 2 green diode technology on the Hilti Rotating Laser Level PR 3-HVSG casts a bright green line—four times brighter than a conventional red laser. 


Want sensitive accuracy? The Hilti Rotating Laser Level PR 3-HVSG delivers accuracy within +/- 0.04-inch at 33 feet—and operates at up to 492 feet when paired with a laser receiver.


Want ultimate reliability? Consider all of the built-in shock protection features that guard against free-fall drops from 3 feet, and from heights up to 5 feet when mounted on a tripod. 

Applications And Advantages

Rotating Laser Level PR 3 HVSG


  • Align drywall tracks and studs 

  • Level suspended ceiling tracks to within +/- 0.04-inch accuracy at 33 feet

  • Transfer reference heights easily in general construction applications

  • Plumb pipes vertically, or maintain level over long pipe runs


  • Laser Class 2 green diode technology provides four times better visibility than standard red lasers

  • Shock-absorbing handles, energy absorbing internal damping systems and shock-absorbing casing with IP 64 protection stand up to the realities of construction environments 

  • Lithium-ion battery charges in 30 minutes to minimize downtime in emergencies 

  • Enjoy peace of mind and two years of No-Cost Wear and Tear Coverage with Hilti Lifetime Service



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