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We appreciate that you need to substantiate every choice you make on your construction projects. That is why Hilti adhesive anchor experts do more than just develop the widest range of adhesive anchor solutions for your concrete anchoring applications. We also work with you to make sure you pinpoint the right choices and have the right reasons to back them up. 

More creative solutions to your real-world challenges

Reliable physical performance

Boost your ability to meet critical performance requirements with the sheer diversity of adhesive anchoring options we offer: adhesives to achieve appropriate anchor strength across a variety of applications and temperatures and threaded rod and specialty anchors to satisfy troublesome base material and performance conditions. 

Creative installation efficiency

Minimize waste, regardless of job size, with our bulk-tube adhesive dispensers and preportioned individual foil capsules. But our most responsive approach to your requests for greater installation efficiency at peak physical performance is Hilti SafeSet™ Technology

Cost-effective productivity

You realize that job-cost efficiency is never about your purchase cost alone. Let us support you with Hilti adhesives, anchors, tools, accessories and technical assistance that help you streamline design and labor to achieve an overall better bottom line.

Rock-solid technical confidence

Solidify your confidence in Hilti adhesive anchor performance while you streamline engineering efforts by referring to the vast array of Hilti technical resources, and personal customer service available to support your decisions and use. 

Ensure your best outcome in any situation

We appreciate that not every job or anchoring challenge you face requires the same degree of performance and associated cost. But we believe you still deserve the same high level of information and support needed to make your best choice. That is why we deliver the same benefits across every Hilti Adhesive Anchor option.

●  Reliability. Whichever Hilti Adhesive Anchor solution you choose, gain access to reliable performance and compliance with the detailed instructions included in our numerous industry-specific approvals and reports.

●  Versatility. Choose among nine specific adhesive anchor chemistries to satisfy differing demands of your anchoring needs and budget.

●  Affordability. Streamline design and specifying costs with help from our Hilti Anchor Design Center and design resources. Minimize waste with the Hilti Adhesive Anchor Volume Calculator. And experience the laborsaving efficiency of Hilti SafeSet™ Technology with an onsite demo of our hollow-bit performance.

A more efficient approach to adhesive anchoring

Gain the best possible adhesive anchor performance in as little as 40 percent of the time with Hilti SafeSet™ Technology. This comprehensive system of adhesives, anchors and installation efficiencies reduces installation time, helps cut your installed cost per anchor and minimizes risks due to improper installation.

●   Reduce hole-cleaning labor. Remove dust from the hole while you drill by using one of the Hilti hollow-bit options connected to our VC 20/40 vacuum. Simply drill, insert the appropriate Hilti SafeSet Technology adhesive and install the appropriate threaded anchor, rebar or specialty anchor for your application.

●  Eliminate hole-cleaning labor. When the application allows, you can completely cut out the time and expense of hole-cleaning with the Hilti Anchor HIT-Z and Adhesive Anchor HIT-HY 200 products. Simply drill, insert the adhesive and install the HIT-Z anchor.

●  Avoid hidden risks. Achieve optimum anchor performance by minimizing improper hole cleaning.

Learn more. Let Hilti SafeSet™ Technology boost your productivity by up to 60 percent.

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