What is the right pipe clamp for your application?

Pipe clamps are available in three different performance levels

There is now an even easier way for you to choose the right pipe clamp for each of your applications. For your everyday application in heating, waste water, plumbing, just to name a few, you will find suitable solutions in the Standard and Premium lines. If productivity and installation convenience of pipe clamps are of more importance for you, or you are faced with higher technical requirements, the Ultimate line will provide you efficient solutions.


Hilti offers pipe clamps customized for your application and budget

Pipe Clamps

Ultimate pipe clamp


Pipe clamp

  • Ultimate performance in installation convenience
  • Very high productivity savings due to unique quick closure mechanism of pipe clamps
  • High technical performance with comprehensive set of data and approvals
Premium pipe clamp


Pipe clamp
  • Premium performance in installation covenience
  • Productivity advantages due to safety quick closure mechanism
  • Sufficient set of approvals and technical data of pipe clamps available
Standard pipe clamp


Pipe clamp
  • Everyday solution with standard performance in installation convenience 
  • Application-oriented technical properties in Hilti quality
  • Limited set of approvals 

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