Hilti SJD 6-A22 cordless jigsaw tool


With the new Hilti SJD 6-A22 and SJT 6-A22 Cordless jigsaw tools featuring a hoop handle or barrel grip. They're easy to handle and so powerful you'd think they were corded!

Power, Precision and Safety

New SJD 6-A22 Hilti Cordless jigsaw tool

our feedback is really important to us.

Based on your valuable input, we've developed not one but two new Hilti SJD 6-A22 and SJT 6-A22 Cordless jigsaw tools. We hope you'll agree they're worth the wait! 

With best in class performance, our new jigsaw tools offer power similar to a corded tool and are also among the safest, with low vibration, a blade brake, and vacuum attachment.

So, whether you are looking for a heavy gauge wood saw, drywall cutter or metal saw, these new jigsaw tools won't disappoint on power, precision, dust or vibration.

Pair it with a Hilti jigsaw balde for ultimate performance and maximum work per battery charge


Whether you prefer the classic D-shape jigsaw tool or opt for the maneuverability of the T-Shape, our new range of cordless jigsaws have the same power and innovation packed inside so it's really just a matter of choice - whatever suits you best.

Hilti SJT 6-A22 cordless jigsaw with barrel grip

SJT 6-A22 cordless jigsaw

The T-handle (barrel grip) on this model, with its redesigned extra-slim grip and lower center of gravity, makes it easier and more comfortable to manoeuvre, especially when using the tool upside down.

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Hilti SJD 6-A22 cordless jigsaw with hoop handle

SJD 6-A22 cordless jigsaw

Like the T-handle, the D-handle (hoop handle) model comes with a one-hand blade change mechanism, LED lights and fast blade stop. Both tools can be connected to a vacuum for effective dust suppression.

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See what's under the hood of the new cordless jigsaw tool


Many tools, one battery platform

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Our new cordless jigsaw is compatible with the Hilti 22V battery platform to fit neatly into your existing Hilti cordless kit. This means no more hunting for multiple chargers at the end of the day, and you'll have the flexibility to switch your batteries between tools, leaving you to get on with whatever job is in hand.

jigsaw blades

Complete the system with Hilti Jigsaw blades

Our jigsaw blades are perfectly matched to our new cordless jigsaw tool offering maximum work work per charge.

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TE 500-AVR Wall breaker

Break walls the easy way

The new TE 500-AVR Breaker is ideal for light chipping and tile removal.

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