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Hilti Hammer drill bits

Hammer drill bits - SDS Plus

Choosing the right drill bit makes a difference to your bottom line

System vs products only

Hilti Drill Bits

One of the first things that separates Hilti from the rest is our System vs Product approach, we don't just want to make a sale, we want to offer a full system solution. Why do we do that?

Labour savings: On average Hilti consumables provide 1/3 improvement in speed versus their competition without the influence of tools. That is an upfront savings of 30% in labor cost because Hilti consumables will complete the task 30% faster.

Time savings: Hilti consumables are made with robust materials and cutting edge technology, to offer the strongest solution for the toughest jobs. Reduced jamming, breaking and wearing of the consumables brings down the material cost for you, reduces downtime and increases overall productivity on the jobsite. Basically, you can do more in less time!

Optimal Performance and tool lifetime: All our consumables complement our tools and are made to offer the best possible performance together. 


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