Designs for firestop reliability and productivity.

Although your firestop applications might dictate specific circumstances—retrofit cabling, through-slab access, flexible sealing or more—you still want options. Options for better physical performance. Options for greater productivity during installation. Options for better L-ratings that minimize smoke or contaminated airflow, as well as fire.

As Hilti firestop specialists, we understand because we’ve heard it all before. We’ve developed more responsive firestop systems and documented their performance in our dedicated test labs. And we have experimented with different physical and chemical compositions to simplify installation while providing long-term performance under less-than-optimum conditions. Choose the right solution from the categories below, or ask one of our firestop specialists for a comparison of various firestop systems. 

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Introduction to Hilti firestop


With an array of firestop products, easy-to-use software and services to keep your project on track, Hilti is your universal firestop solution.

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firestop cable management solutions

Cable Management Solutions

Whether your cable is already in place or still to be pulled, here is a comprehensive portfolio of firestop devices for a wide range of configurations—from a single wire to large-scale bundles, cable trays and pipes running through walls and floors.

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Hilti flexible firestop sealants

Flexible Firestop Sealants

Our wide range of available Hilti firestop sealant formulations provides flexibility for diverse wall and floor penetrations of pipes and cables, plus flexibility of movement to accommodate seismic and thermal expansion for penetrations and linear joints between walls, floors and curtain wall joints.

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Firestop solutions for new penetrations

Firestop solutions for new penetrations

Our experienced firestop specialists, engineering judgments and documentation systems can help you substantiate every step of the process—from initial concept and design, through code approval and installation documentation.

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Firestop Cable disc

Firestop Cable disc

Hilti’s self-adhesive Firestop Cable Discs provide a peel-and-stick solution that accommodates cables, bundles and tubing up to 1" in diameter—and installs in as little as 10 seconds to help ensure that little things don’t become a big drain on your fire protection budget.

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Hilti firestop data management


A wide range solution for new or existing penetrations and for areas of high, moderate or low frequency of re-penetration.

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Hilti firestop healthcare solutions


Our solutions are flexible, easy-to-maintain and inspect, designed to keep up with the changing layouts in hospitals and clinics.

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Hilti firestop for energy and industry


Firestop solutions for thermal and renewable power, oil & gas, nuclear power plants and mining.

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Firestop for Hotel Facilities


Our fire protection systems can efficiently prevent flames, smoke and toxic gases from spreading between hotel rooms, corridors and facilities.

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