Diamond Drill Bits

Precise spacing for longer diamond drill bit life

If you’re naturally skeptical about product claims hyping leading-edge design and technology, consider this: When it comes to diamond drill bits for concrete-coring applications, the design of the leading edges on diamond-covered cutting segments literally makes a difference.

Hilti Equidist Technology

With optimized diamond spacing and distribution patterns—like the kind you’ll see in our unique Hilti Equidist Technology—you can maximize concrete-coring speed and efficiency, maximize diamond drill bit life—and minimize the prospect of diamond drill bits getting stuck in coring holes. For troublesome base materials where diamond core bit jamming is more likely, you can minimize downtime with the unique X-Change Module. We specifically created this modular design to let you disengage the cutting head, clear the jam, and get back to work sooner—right on the job site— without even removing the barrel of the bit from the drill. For less demanding base materials or schedules, you can also balance your preference for diamond drill bits that deliver longer performance life or faster cutting speed. And to protect your existing tool investment, most Hilti diamond drill bits are available to match existing quick-connect or standard tool connections.

Discover a measurable difference with Equidist Diamond Drill Bits

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    Ultimate X-Change module for coring with low-power tools (<2.5 kW) in all types of concrete

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