Healthcare Solutions

Hilti Healthcare Solutions
Hilti is focused on providing solutions that deliver greater flexibility and productivity throughout the life cycle of the facility

For architects, engineers and specifiers in the healthcare industry, Hilti offers the tools, the knowledge and the experience to help build safer structures that protect lives.


Innovative solutions for the unique demands of healthcare facilities

As healthcare needs continue to rise, hospitals are striving to improve patient care, attract highly talented doctors, and utilize the latest innovation in medical equipment. The typical hospital facility is in a constant state of change. Facility owners are tasked to manage this change while maintaining productivity and profitability of the hospital.

Temporary Healthcare Facilities

Innovative solutions for safe and efficient installation of temporary healthcare facilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the need for additional healthcare facilities  (including  coronavirus-fighting hospitals and newly-built emergency hospitals), testing stations and isolation wards to be constructed in a very limited time. 

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