Download the NEW Hilti Stock Locator and Hilti Order Status Apps now!

Stock Locator and Order Status Apps

While we’re always there for you at your jobsite, our Hilti centers, online or on the phone, there are times when you need information - and you need it NOW. We’ve got you covered. Meet our two handy new Apps to make your life a little easier and a lot more productive.


Wherever you are. Whatever you need.

Whether it’s 1,000 nails, a TE-CX Hammer drill bit or a TE 30-AVR Combihammer, count on Hilti’s Stock Locator app to find the product you need, where you need it. Simply choose your product to check availability and we’ll show you the closest Hilti Centers based on your GPS location. The Hilti Stock Locator’s smart functions let you:

  • Check product availability by swiping your phone horizontally to scan a Hilti product barcode or by typing in the product’s item number.
  • Use your device’s location to determine the nearest Hilti Centers. Tap on the navigation function to get you there easily.

Wherever you are. Whatever you need.


  • Do you have a technical question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Manage your order on the move.

Once you’ve ordered a product or service from Hilti, the next thing on your mind is: where is it and what do I do now? No need to worry – with the Hilti Order Status app, you can keep track of your orders and repairs, no matter where you are. Use the Order Status app to:

  • Quickly check the status of your orders. See what’s been delivered, what’s on the way and where it’s going. Get a clear overview of the number of shipments to expect and the status of each delivery.
  • Track and trace your order live through the transport carrier’s network.
  • Get up-to-the-minute information on your tool repairs – from pick-up, repair, to when it’s on its way back to you.

Manage your order on the move.

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