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Circular saw blades for metal

Features & Applications
  • Cutting with Hilti SC-C M blades is much faster than traditional methods
  • Hilti SC-C M blades feature a hardened steel disc and carbide tips with a unique shape for exceptional wear resistance
  • The unique composition of the carbide tips keeps heat transfer to the blade disc to a minimum
  • Hilti saws and sawblades are developed as a system – metal cutting at it's best!
  • Steel blade: Cold cutting in ferrous metal and structural panels (channel iron, pipe, angle iron, steel plate, threaded rod, rebar, sandwich panel)
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Item number Base material Blade diameter Packaging unit Price / Unit Quantity
Price / Unit
ZAR 1,851.23 / 1 Piece
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Price / Unit
ZAR 1,397.97 / 1 Piece
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