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Hilti engineering support technical services

At Hilti our engineering and technical teams can work with you onsite, online and on the phone to help with your design, specification and training.

Technical advice on the phone

If you need help for your own project, our teams of highly trained engineers can help with a wide range of technical questions, including:

  • Modular support systems and pipe supports
  • Anchoring applications
  • Direct fastening
  • Decking design
  • Fire protection
Hilti onsite engineering support

Onsite engineering support

We are based in more than 120 countries worldwide.

If you need help onsite, just get in touch with your local Hilti team to see how we can help work with you onsite to find solutions and offer advice about our Hilti products and technologies.

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Hilti quotation services

Quotation Services

Our quotation service provides you with a tailor-made offer, to show you how much your project will cost using Hilti products. It’s an accurate and reliable way of estimating costs for your build.

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Hilti calculation services

Design Services

Our Hilti engineers can provide you with a customized calculation for your project. Or we can give you all the technical assistance you need to create your own calculation.

In addition, we can also support you to convert existing calculations to our Hilti systems.

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Hilti onsite testing

Onsite testing

We offer onsite testing for your installation.

Onsite testing for tensile, shear or bending loads is often required by building owners, inspection bodies or engineers to verify that fastening products have been installed correctly.

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What is Ask Hilti?

It's a Simple and comprehensive on-demand learning platform for engineers to access 24/7 educational webinars and articles. It's also a forum for engineers to start discussions: ask questions and get answers from Hilti or peers

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  • Do you have a technical question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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