Power tools

See how our power tools are designed for higher productivity and durability: direct fastening tools, rotary hammers, breakers, diamond coring tools, grinders, saws, and more

Power tools

High-performance tools for construction professionals like you

Discover premium power tools from Hilti. From rotary hammers and breakers to diamond drills and saws to fastening tools, and much more – get the performance, flexibility and safety features you need to keep your projects moving.

Why choose Hilti power tools?

All your jobsite tasks covered

Need to drive screws, grind metal or drill rebar? Looking to core into reinforced concrete or fasten insulation to steel? We've got your tool. 

Cordless redefined with Nuron

100-plus cordless tools on a future-ready battery platform with the performance of gas or corded. Plus high-performing accessories to match

Industry-leading tool services

Up to 2 years no-cost coverage, expert advice from our direct sales force, plus all-inclusive tool services with Fleet Management 

Best partner for construction safety

Hilti power tools come equipped with advanced safety features to help minimize dust exposure, vibration, and tool kickback

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Tough tools for the toughest jobs

Power meets control for heavy-duty drilling, coring and demolition work

Tough jobs need tough tools – like our concrete saws, breakers and jackhammers. Or our diamond tools with smart features for heavy-duty cutting, coring and demolition work.

All our tools are put through their paces in our labs. Then they are extensively tested in the field so you get power and performance you can rely on.

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Direct fastening tools designed for speed

Pioneering Hilti technology for simpler, faster and safer fastening

Want to take your fastening productivity to the next level? We offer everything from battery nailers for quicker installation of drywall track to our unique stud fusion welding tool for heavy-duty fastening to steel in offshore facilities.

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Full cordless flexibility with Nuron

Run your corded and gas-powered tasks on the Nuron battery platform

Imagine running all your tools from angle grinders to miter saws to cut-off saws and jackhammers on one high-performing 22V battery platform. That's what you get with Nuron.

Nuron is also cloud-connected. That gives you access to insights on how and when your tools are being used, and where they were last changed. Plus you get access to time-saving services like battery state-of-health alerts.

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For specialist tasks

Power tools specially designed for every jobsite task – including yours

Need something specific? Our specialty solutions cover everything from mud mixers to concrete vibrators to rivet tools. We also offer hydraulic pipe press tools, as well as hydraulic cutters and crimpers and more.

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All-in-one tool services with Fleet Management

We manage your tools so you can manage your business

Take the stress out of managing your tools. With Fleet Management, you get the latest state-of-the-art tools and a full-service package that includes everything from free repairs to theft coverage for up to five years.

That means you can focus on the real business of running your jobsites.

FAQs: Hilti power tools

Where are Hilti power tools made?

We have a global network of research and manufacturing plants. Our plant in Thüringen, Austria, specializes in machining technology, component assembly and the final assembly of our tools for drilling and demolition, diamond coring and sawing tools, fastening technology tools and tools for vibrating concrete. 

Our plant in Kaufering, Germany manufactures motors and premium drill bits among other products. Our Kaufering plant develops and applies modern manufacturing concepts, technologies and processes, which are then shared with our production plants around the world.

Our production facility in Shanghai, China, specializes in the production of light-duty power tools. These are developed, assembled and tested before shipping to locations around the world.

Where can I buy Hilti power tools?

You have the following options to buy Hilti tools

  • Buy from the Hilti website
  • Contact our customer service team
  • Get expert onsite support from our account managers or field engineers
  • Visit one of our Hilti stores

How long is the Hilti power tool warranty?

For virtually all of our tools, we will repair or replace parts that break as a result of defects in materials or workmanship for 20 years. Any additional claims are excluded.

20-year Free-of-Defect Warranty: not applicable for [insert MO-specific exceptions of tools not covered by this 20-year warranty]. It is at Hilti’s sole discretion whether to repair or replace the tool or refund the tool purchase price if spare parts are unavailable. The customer’s mandatory statutory warranty rights in case of product defects remain unaffected.

What is the Hilti tool repair policy?

We repair our tools for free for up to two years from the date of purchase. This includes spare parts, labor and shipping. After the no-cost coverage period, you'll pay for your repairs but costs are capped.

No-Cost Coverage: Some exceptions apply. The no-cost coverage period for [adapt tool list to MO-specific requirements] grinders, petrol saws, screw magazines and DX 9 powder-actuated tools is 1 year. The following tools are excluded from the no-cost coverage period [insert MO-specific exceptions]

If you're a Fleet Management customer, all your tool needs including use, service and repairs are covered within the Fleet fee for the length of your contract of up to five years.

What is the difference between the 12V, 22V, 36V and Nuron cordless platforms of Hilti?

Nuron is the new cloud-connected battery platform from Hilti. It provides you with a single high-performing battery platform for 100-plus Hilti cordless tools. With Nuron, you can reduce complexity from your business because you can carry out all your applications – from driving screws to concrete cutting – using the same set of high-performing interchangeable 22V Nuron batteries.

The Nuron tool range includes over 100 tools including:

  • cordless drill drivers and hammer drill drivers
  • cordless screw drivers
  • cordless impact drivers and impact wrenches
  • cordless angle grinders
  • cordless circular saws, reciprocating saws, jig saws and band saws
  • cordless oscillating multitools
  • cordless SDS-Plus and SDS-Max rotary hammers
  • cordless demolition hammers and breakers
  • cordless rebar cutters
  • cordless rivet tools
  • cordless shears, nibblers and cutters
  • cordless concrete vibrating tools
  • cordless paddle mixers
  • cordless hydraulic pipe press tools


And because the platform is cloud-connected, you also get access to a range of data-driven services designed to simplify equipment management. Our other battery platforms include a subcompact 12V platform for working in tight spaces, our earlier 22V platform and a 36V platform for more demanding jobs like cutting or grinding metal.

Are all Nuron batteries compatible with all Nuron tools?

Yes, all Nuron batteries are compatible with all Nuron tools. However, Hilti recommends specific batteries for your application and trade because they offer a better balance of performance, run time and weight for each tool.