Tool inserts

See how our power tool inserts are designed to work faster, harder and longer: drill bits, chisels, core bits, abrasives and saw blades

Power tool inserts

Want to get even more out of your Hilti tools? Just add our quality inserts.

Work faster and longer with high-performing, durable Hilti inserts engineered to bring out the very best in your Hilti tools. From drill bits to saw blades and much more, our inserts help you get the job done right.

And because we know that not all jobs, projects and budgets are alike, we offer Standard, Premium and Ultimate options – to help you get the insert you really need.

Why choose Hilti inserts for your power tools?

Reliability for all your jobs

From screwdriver bits to chisels, and from diamond blades to cup wheels, we have inserts you can rely on. 

Inserts to match your needs

With our color-coded multiline approach, you can easily choose from Standard, Premium or Ultimate options.

Total system performance

All our inserts are engineered for optimal performance with Hilti tools so you get one high-performing system.

Industry-leading warranty

Our hammer drill bits and many of our diamond inserts are covered if there's a problem with materials or workmanship.* 

Color coding for simpler tool insert selection

Three colors, three performance levels, three price points

Choosing the right insert for your job can be a headache. To help you easily navigate through our range of tool inserts, we’ve classified them into three groups based on performance and price. Simply match your needs to one of our three distinct names and colors.

Hilti quality at echonomical price


  • Standard line for essential applications
  • Hilti quality at economical price
Premium performance for a wide range of applications


  • Premium line for wide range of applications
  • High productivity, robustness and lifetime
Ultimate performance for demanding applications


  • Ultimate line for core and demanding applications
  • Highest productivity, robustiness and lifetime 

Hammer drill bits

Hard-hitting SDS Plus and SDS Max bits for concrete and masonry

We’ve engineered the head geometry and helix design of our hammer drill bits for extra durability so you can drill into concrete faster, more accurately and more safely for longer.

Not expecting to hit rebar? Choose our Premium TE-C (SDS-Plus) and TE-Y (SDS-Max) options. For reinforced concrete or drilling through rebar, our Ultimate TE-CX with a full carbide head offers up to 30% more lifetime than our other SDS-Plus drill bits. Our TE-YX bit also features a full carbide head for consistently faster drilling, extra robustness and longer life.

Diamond blades for angle grinders

Faster, smoother cuts in everything from piping to reinforced concrete

For everyday cutting choose our Standard P universal diamond blade. Or go for the Premium SP range for faster, smoother cuts in tougher base materials like reinforced concrete.

Want Ultimate performance in concrete, masonry and stone? Our SPX universal diamond blade features precision-placed diamonds (Equidist technology) for higher cutting speeds and maximum abrasion between blade and base material. Cutting metal? Get from 30 to 100 times longer lifetime than abrasive discs with our SPX metal-cutting diamond blades.

Reciprocating saw blades

From all-rounders to carbide-tipped blades with extra long lifetime

From brick to metal to nail-embedded wood: whatever you're cutting we have a reciprocating saw blade for the job.

Our Standard blades include economical bimetal blades at different lengths for extra flexibility. Premium blades are designed for tougher applications. Doing heavy-duty cutting? Try Ultimate carbide-tipped blades featuring special tooth geometry and spacing for faster work. Lasting up to 50 times longer than Standard bimetal blades, they can help you save money long-term.

Circular saw blades

Longer-lasting blades for faster, smoother cuts in wood and steel

Our Standard and Premium circular saw blades offer more economical solutions for faster cutting in wood, timber or metal.

Need Ultimate performance? For structural steel, our Ultimate X-Cut blade can help you cut up to 120% faster when combined with a Hilti cordless circular saw. For metal sheet and other thin materials, get up to 450% more cuts per charge thanks to the X-Cut’s ultra-thin kerf. And for wood, our Ultimate blades have carbide teeth for more rapid, smoother cuts. Plus low-friction coating helps extend blade life.

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Diamond core drill bits

Three levels of concrete coring performance for virtually all types of concrete

Our Standard P-U core bit provides high drilling performance in most types of concrete, including reinforced concrete, for most budgets.

But for faster, smoother drilling with less feed force, choose our Premium SP-H Speed and Ultimate SPX-H Speed core bits: Work up to 35% faster than with our other core bits thanks to precisely placed diamonds and optimized segment shapes. With the SPX-H, you'll also get easier core removal and faster retipping thanks to our unique X-change module system. The BL-connection end allows you to release the core bit from the BL-chuck faster and more easily.

Industry-leading tool inserts warranty

Coverage for drill bits, chisels and many Hilti diamond inserts

We stand 100% behind our TE-C (SDS Plus) and TE-Y (SDS Max) hammer drill bits. If your bit breaks, bends, or becomes unusable and the wear mark is still visible, we’ll replace it at no charge.

We will also replace a wide range of diamond inserts from Hilti DS-B diamond saw blades to AG-D abrasive inserts and more if they are damaged as a result of defects in materials or workmanship.*  

FAQs – Hilti tool inserts

Can I use my Hilti tool inserts in my other tools?

Yes. A range of Hilti inserts can be used in other tools. However, to get the most out of your insert, we recommend pairing our tools with our inserts. This is because we engineer our inserts and tools to work together as one high-performing system.

What do the different colors for Hilti inserts mean?

The different colors for Hilti inserts refer to different product categories. There are three colors: Grey (Standard), Black (Premium) and Red (Ultimate). 

The groups are based on performance and price. The color coding is standard across our portfolio and is designed to help you choose the insert you need for your application or project. You can filter for Standard, Premium or Ultimate products in our online catalog.


What base materials can I work cut, core or drill into with Hilti insets?

Our inserts are designed for a wide range of base materials. This includes

  • concrete and masonry drill bits for brick, concrete, drywall, masonry, limestone, natural stone and more
  • metal and wood drill bits for a wide range of base materials including aluminium, sheet metal, plywood, timber, wood with nails and more
  • diamond core bits for coring in virtually all types of concrete including abrasive and prestressed
  • diamond blades and cup wheels for working with base materials from abrasive concrete to masonry to mortar, metal, PVC and more
  • saw blades for cutting base materials including aluminium, brick, carbon steel, cast iron, chipboard, concrete, drywall, stainless steel and more
  • abrasives for working with aluminium, drywall, metal deck, stainless steel, wood and more

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*Insert Warranties: free replacement product is the customer’s exclusive remedy. Any further claims under the stated Insert Warranties are excluded and Hilti is not liable for any other damages or losses. Customer’s mandatory statutory warranty rights in case of product defects remain unaffected. Hilti may at its sole discretion and without admission of liability choose to offer a free replacement of diamond inserts even if damages were not caused by defects in materials or workmanship.