ON!Track Employee Management System

On!Track Employee Management Software

Hilti's Solutions for addressing concerns related to employee management arising from the COVID-19 pandemic

Out with the old, and in with the new, the business operating landscape in South Africa has changed, thus placing the safety of our people at the fore front of our actions, and having the ability to react fast, if / when it is needed, is of utmost importance.

Fast identification of what area the infected employee was working in and when, can save many lives. Isolating infected employees and then tracking down anyone they may have come into contact with, can help you to react accordingly to the situation and sustain your business.

So how does a South African company operating in the Construction, Energy & Industry sectors, with limited resources, confront a pandemic that has brought many developed countries health care systems to their breaking point?

At Hilti South Africa, we adjusted our innovative digital asset management solution, “Hilti ON!Track”, to assist you manage critical processes and procedures, so there is correct allocating and monitoring of your employees and visitors.

Our solution utilizes a passive portable tag, our ON!Track Application and your standard smartphone to give you the most advanced digital personnel management solution available for sale in South Africa.


employee tracking software

Our Solution includes:

  • Allocate and Record employees site assignment to determine on which day they worked, within which area / areas 
  • Capture employee contact points for testing, isolation and sanitation purposes (Tools and locations) 
  • Capture subcontractors and visitors movements and contact points, and collect key formation as per regulations 
  • Pro-actively manage your certification digitally with renewal reminders and maintenance schedule reports to assist you with planning and executing, as well assisting you with audits 
  • Track PPE issued to employees with digitally signed delivery notes - Ensures PPE was issued to an employee in case of an Audit or Investigation.
  • Monitor your consumption and spend on PPE (Face masks, etc.), Inserts (Drill-Bits, etc.) and Consumables (Stud Anchor, etc.), and allows for Min/Max levels to be set per location


Hilti - Employee Allocation

Employee Allocation

ON!Track can provide you with allocation data of each employee. This is an integral solution to limit the impact of a shutdown within your business.

ppe management system

PPE Management

Ensure you keep accurate records of employees issued with the correct PPE as per site and governmental requirements, while limiting excessive expenditure due to negligence and loss

Medical, Health & Safety and risk certificates

Medical, Health & Safety and risk certificates

Store all staff and asset related documents in the system with expiry and renewal dates. 

Track Disinfecting/Sanitising Schedules

Track Disinfecting/Sanitising Schedules

Keep track of this daily with ON!Track via service intervals on individual items

Hilti ON!Track Asset Management Solution

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