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Features & Applications

  • Single source of energy, no batteries to recharge are needed
  • Curved, 40-nail magazine for better accessibility in narrow spaces and deep tracks
  • High fastening rate for high productivity and maximum efficiency
  • Wide range of nails for fastening to a wide variety of materials
  • Gas gauge helps to avoid running out of gas unexpectedly
  • Fastening metal stud/track for plasterboard walls to floors, walls and ceilings on concrete, solid masonry or steel
  • Fastening mesh, membranes or foil with special washer holders to concrete walls
  • Fastening wall tie connections to concrete, solid masonry or steel – use of the special washer holder is recommended
  • Suitable for various light-duty fastening applications on concrete, solid masonry or steel
  • Fastening cables, conduits or various light electrical installations – use of the ME nailer nose is recommended

Hilti Tool Service

Hilti Tool Service
Hilti Tool Service

Unique speed! 3 Days repair time or free*

  • Servicing is free of charge for up to 2 years, including wear and tear, pick-up and delivery
  • 3 or free: get the tool serviced and cleaned in 3 days flat or there is no charge
  • After the no-cost period, repair costs are capped
  • 3-month no-cost period after each repair
  • 3-month no-cost period after each paid repair
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GX 3, the new generation gas nailer with versatility and long lasting performance

Gas actuated fastening tool

The Gas Nailer GX 3 offers the best autonomy of the market and a single source of energy: gas. It can be used on concrete or steel, on the floor or on the wall.

Robustness and comfort of work

The compression force at the nose remains the same throughout the life of the device and the new nail guiding system prevents blockage. A real comfort of work for our customers! 

The GX 3 is used even in the most extreme conditions; thanks to the temperature sensor and the ice breaker system, this Nailer is cold-resistant down to -10 ° C.

A unique source of energy: gas

High-performance collated nail for concrete X-P G3 MX

Very fast for serial fixings, the Hilti GX 3 Nailer is the only tool on the market that can run on gas only, without a battery. 

It requires no maintenance and has the best autonomy of the market with its 1,200 fasteners per gas cartridge and its store of 40 nails.


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