For earthing, bonding and lightening protection

Hilti fastening solutions for fastening electrical connections to steel

The Hilti X-BT-ER stud is designed with a blunt tip to avoid damaging painted steel during installation.

This helps to protect steel from corrosion, by keeping its protective coating intact. It’s designed to avoid rework after installation – helping to save time on the jobsite.

The Hilti X-BT-ER is made from stainless steel to be highly resistant to corrosion and is suitable for use in most industries including marine, offshore, petrochemical and power plant applications.

You can use it for pipe flange bonding, cable tray bonding, structural bonding as well as earthing and lightening protection on steel based materials with a thickness of ≥ 8mm.

It allows electrical current to flow through the studs and discharge into the base material.

The stud is also equipped with a special sealing washer, to protect against corrosion. 

a closer look at the Hilti X-BT-ER in action


The Hilti X-BT-ER is designed for speed and reliability:

  • No need for repainting after installation
  • No need for specific trade skills such as welding
  • Designed to be vibration resistant
  • Long lifetime in highly corrosive environment

Install your electrical connections in just 3 steps:

  • Drill a pilot hole with a special Hilti step drill bit
  • Fasten the stud with Hilti DX 351-BT powder-actuated tool
  • Connect your cable lug with nuts and a locked washer
HILTI SF BT 22-A drill for pre-drilling into steel


Our Hilti SF BT 22-A drill is specially designed for pre-drilling into steel for Hilti X-BT and Hilti S-BT fasteners. It has an optimum rotational speed for working with the step drill bits. The pre-drilling time is only a few seconds and you can pre-drill more than 200 holes with a 22 V 2.6 Ah fully charged battery.

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Hilti X-BT box set for electrical connections

Hilti X-BT Box Set

Carry what you need for electrical connections - all in one box. The special design of the box allows you to fit Hilti’s SF-BT drilling tool, the Hilti DX 351-BT tool, consumables and cartridges all in one place.

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