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Cordless without compromise

High performance for all your jobsite tasks with the Nuron battery platform

Start performing all your corded and gas-powered applications on one battery platform with Nuron. Nuron brings new levels of performance to our cordless tool portfolio, featuring more than 100 tools for jobs from breaking and cutting to drilling and fastening. Streamline your tool crib, work faster, get more safety features and benefit from data-driven services designed to keep your teams working.

How the Nuron cordless platform can boost your productivity

One platform convenience

Simplify your tool crib – run everything from drill drivers to cut to heavy-duty demolition hammers on the same battery platform.

Higher peformance

Get up to twice the power and run time of equivalent 18V and 20V platforms and more power than 36V, corded or gas.

Reduce downtime

Locate idle or hoarded tools, get help finding missing tools, and even receive alerts when batteries need replacing with data-driven services. 

Protect your teams

Advanced safety solutions include our unique auto shut-off functions for angle grinders, versatile dust control systems, tool tethering and more.

One platform for all your jobs

Streamline your tool crib and get more flexibility on the jobsite

Managing different power sources and cordless battery platforms across multiple locations can be a headache – not to mention costly and time-consuming.

With Nuron, you can run virtually all your tools on one cordless platform. That means fewer batteries and chargers on the jobsite. And you can reduce your reliance on tools that run on other power sources.

DSH 600-22 with Abrasive blade and B 22-170

More cordless power and run time

Get the power of corded or gas for your jobsite applications

Nuron gives you up to twice the power and runtime of comporable 18V and 20V platforms thanks to a completely redesigned battery–tool interface. Choose from different battery sizes depending on whether it's power or extra mobility you need.

For the most demanding applications, such as cutting steel pipes with a cut-off saw or breaking concrete with a demolition hammer, two 22V batteries can be combined. For lighter applications, Nuron tools have been specially designed to make your work easier.

DSH 600-22 diamond saw

Cut as much concrete as one full tank of gas with a single B 22-170 Nuron battery 

Discover cut-off saws

TE-60-22 SDS Max rotary hammer

Nuron batteries and brushless motor deliver up to 3 times more work per change 

Discover SDS-Max rotary hammers Discover SDS-Plus rotary hammers

TE 2000-22 electric breaker

Combine two B22-255 Nuron batteries for up to 2.5 times more power than a 36V battery

Discover cordless demolition hammers

SC 30WR-22 circular saw

Up to triple the cutting speed and double the run time of its predecessors

Discover the SC 30WR-22
Tool Crib Manager putting away a Hilti Tool Box on a shelf in a construction container

Boost productivity with connected tools

Keep your teams working with data-driven services

Nuron gives you easy access to data-driven services that can help you:

  • Find tools faster by seeing where they were last charged
  • Avoid downtime with alerts when batteries need replacing
  • Reduce tool spending by helping identify idle or hoarded equipment

Nuron data also drives our digital equipment management solutions. Find out how you can streamline your processes and run more productive, profitable and sustainable jobsites.

Worker standing on a platform with a drill in his hand that is fixed to a pole with a tool tether

Putting jobsite safety center stage

Cordless tool technologies designed to protect your teams

Nuron helps protect your workers with features including:

  • DRS (Dust Removal Systems) for virtually all tools to help reduce exposure to construction dust
  • Tethering options for most tools to help lower the danger of falling objects when working at heights 
  • AVR (Active Vibration Reduction) to help minimize exposure to hand–arm vibration
  • ATC (Active Torque Control) to help reduce the risk of tool kickback

Auto shut-off with SensTech and 3D-ATC

With Hilti SensTech technology for angle grinders, the tool automatically shuts off when the operator’s hand is removed – for example when it is accidentally dropped. And with 3D ATC, the tool shuts off with sudden, uncontrolled movement in any direction.

Explore the AG 6D-22 angle grinder

Low noise and low recoil without gas

The BX 3(-L)-22 is low recoil and low noise while giving you virtually dust-free operation. And because it’s battery-powered, you benefit from rapid and reliable fastenings without the need to store gas cans or other propellants.

Explore the BX 3-L-22 fastening tool

Dust control with cordless vacuums

The VC 140-22 helps reduce exposure to dust. Powerful enough for almost all jobsite tasks, it features a HEPA filter and automatic filter cleaning. 

Explore Nuron cordless vacuum cleaners

Nuron tools for more sustainable jobsites

Reduce resource use and help contribute to the circular economy

Nuron is about more than productivity and profitability. Here's how the Nuron platform can help you operate more sustainably:

  • 27% of a Hilti tool's mass is recycled material including steel and plastic
  • We reuse or recycle tools when possible to help boost the circular economy
  • Nuron tools have been developed for longer runtime to help reduce power use 
  • Nuron batteries are designed tough to help reduce replacements caused by damage 


What is the difference between the 12V, 22V, 36V and Nuron cordless platforms of Hilti?

Nuron is the latest addition to the Hilti cordless portfolio. It provides you with a single high-performing battery platform for all your Hilti cordless tools. With Nuron, you can reduce complexity from your business because you can carry out all your applications – from screwdriving to concrete cutting – using the same set of high-performing interchangeable 22V Nuron batteries. And because the platform is connected, you also get access to a range of data-driven services designed to simplify equipment management. Our other battery platforms include a subcompact 12V platform for working in tight spaces, our earlier 22V platform and a 36V platform for more demanding jobs like cutting or grinding metal.


How exactly do the smart connectivity features of Nuron work?

Nuron tools generate data which is then stored on the attached battery. When the battery is charged, the data is transmitted securely via cellular networks to the cloud. There is no interruption to your workflows because no special setup, configuration or other action is required. The data from Nuron can provide you with proactive services that help reduce downtime (such as battery replacement alerts). The data also gives transparency on tool location and usage and provides you with actionable insights to help you make more informed decisions about your tool park. These data-driven services are available using the ON!Track platform which is available via app and web.

Are all the connectivity features of Nuron available to all customers?

All Nuron customers have access to the platform's onboard battery diagnostics and to tool management features via the ON!Track mobile app. You can use the app to scan tools and batteries, access videos and instructions, find related products (like accessories) or easily submit repair orders. When a battery is no longer performing at optimal levels, you can also perform a quick and easy exchange directly from the app. If you are a Hilti Fleet Management and ON!Track tool park management customer, you’ll also benefit from a growing portfolio of premium data-driven services and software. All chargers delivered with our Fleet Management program come connected as standard. This means you’ll be informed of any potential issues with batteries immediately. You’ll also be able to locate tools quickly or identify tools that are sitting idle so you can get them out to your teams. You can also use the data that is securely collected by the Nuron platform to identify and analyze usage trends. Use this information to help build a tool park that really works for your business.

Do I need a lot of training to use the connected Nuron platform?

No. The Nuron platform has been designed for easy use without interrupting your workflows. Our dedicated customer support team is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Will Nuron track anything like working hours, worker productivity or other sensitive data?

No. The data generated by the Nuron platform is not linked to individual users. It is only machine information - such as details about when and how tools are being used, error codes, charging location or battery status. If you want to link tool data and user information you can do this voluntarily using relevant functions of the ON!Track digital equipment management solution.


Do I have to change to Nuron or can I keep using the Hilti cordless tools I already have?

You can continue using the Hilti cordless tools you have. However, we highly recommend an upgrade to Nuron because the platform delivers higher performance and greater connectivity benefits at a similar price.

Are Nuron tools more expensive than existing 22V and 36V Hilti tools?

The Nuron platform is similarly priced to our other cordless platforms. For more details on specific tools, visit the product pages on our website, contact our customer support team, speak to your account manager or visit one of our Hilti stores.

What about spare parts and accessories? Do I need to replace all these too?

No – not all spare parts and tool accessories need to be replaced. For more information, visit the product pages on our website, contact our customer support team, speak to your account manager or visit one of our Hilti stores.

How long will existing 22V and 36V Hilti tools be available?

The current 22V and 36V platforms will continue to be supported and available for as long as necessary.

Can I still use the 12V platform with sub-compact tools for lighter-duty tasks?

Yes. You can continue using Hilti 12V battery power tools for ligher-duty applications in hard-to-reach corners.

Can I use the 22V and 36V Hilti tools I already have with Nuron batteries?

You can use an adapter to run almost all of your existing 22V tools with Nuron batteries. Check the product pages on our website, contact customer support or visit a Hilti store for details on whether the adapter can be used with specific tools. There is no adapter for 36V tools.


How should I store and handle lithium-ion batteries?

For longer battery life, higher productivity and increased protection for your teams, we recommend the following:

  • Storage temperature of between –20°C and +40°C 
  • Do not store batteries on the charger. Always remove the battery from the charger when charging is completed. 
  • Never store batteries where they are exposed to direct sunlight, on heat sources or behind glass. 
  • Ambient operating temperature of between -17°C and +60°C. 
  • Regularly inspect battery packs and avoid charging or discharging if damage is visible. 
  • Keep batteries clean – remove dust and debris with a dry soft brush or a dry rag. 
  • Do not use batteries for other purposes (e.g. as hammers).

What does battery state of health mean?

Battery state of health refers to the remaining life of lithium-ion battery packs. All lithium-ion batteries lose capacity and performance as they age – whether its tool batteries or laptop and cell phone batteries. With the Nuron platform, the state of health function gives you guidance on when a battery pack should be replaced. This helps you make sure you are always working with the most productive tools possible.

Do lithium-ion batteries work in colder weather?

The ambient operating temperature should be between -17°C and +60°C while the optimal range is from 10°C to 30°C. Batteries cannot be charged below 0°C.

Should lithium-ion batteries be fully discharged before charging?

No, you do not need to fully discharge a lithium-ion battery before charging. Li-ion batteries are very versatile and there are no specific concerns about battery life being shortened because of "memory effects" from partial charging and discharging.

How long do Hilti lithium-ion batteries last?

Nuron batteries contain high-quality lithium-ion cells that are designed to deliver high performance and long life. Individual battery life depends on a number of factors such as what sort of tool is being used, user force, frequency of use, and ambient temperature, among others.


How can I safely dispose of lithium-ion batteries?

We take responsibility for our products throughout their lifetime and at their end of life so that they don’t end up in landfill sites. You can dispose of your Hilti batteries at a Hilti store or consult with your local governmental garbage disposal or public health and safety resources for disposal instructions. Before disposing of your batteries, please cover the contacts with non-conductive material (for example, electrical tape). Do not dispose of batteries as household waste.

Can Hilti cordless tools be recycled?

Our tools have high proportions of steel, copper and aluminum and over 70% of the tool’s mass can be recycled for a variety of purposes. We are also continually working to raise this percentage.

What does Hilti do to reduce the environmental impact of its power tools?

At Hilti, we look at the entire lifecycle of our products. For example, we currently use 23% recycled material on average in our products (against a global average of 8%) while 100% of our production runs on renewable energy. We also focus on tool repairs rather than replacement and when a tool reaches end of life, we collect it for free with our global collection partners. Anything that cannot be reused is recycled with our audited 3rd party logistics partners. This ensures that we can assess tools for reuse, either as full tools for donations or as components for our spare parts reuse program. Since our tools are over 70% metal, most of the tool's weight can reenter international commodity markets. For more information, visit the sustainability section of our website.

What does Hilti do to reduce the environmental impact of its lithium-ion batteries?

Batteries collected by our global network of reverse logistics are recycled by 3rd party partners who specialize in the field of battery recycling. They extract specific materials including cobalt, nickel and lithium. These materials are then reused in future manufacturing processes. We are working with recycling partners to improve the recycling process to ensure that as much of these more valuable materials are extracted as possible.

Upgrade to Nuron now

Browse the product catalog for Nuron tools or use our Cordless Tool Set Selector to build your own custom kit. Simply choose “Nuron” in the battery platform filter.

And if you have any questions about the upgrade to Nuron, contact customer service or your account manager.

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