Hilti ON!Track

Powerful equipment and material tracking for the construction industry

Want more efficient management of your tools, heavy equipment and other material? With our digital solution ON!Track you get a real-time overview virtually of all your assets from back office to out in the field – regardless of the brand. Because more transparency means more efficiency for your business.

How ON!Track can help your construction business

Know where your equipment is

ON!Track is much more than a tool tracking system. Improve efficiency and accountability and reduce hoarding with fast inventory checks.

Stay productive and compliant

Track service, maintenance and certification records by accessing key documents from any device connected to the cloud and setting alerts.

Optimize your inventory

Keep your tool park efficient and lean thanks to data-driven insights from your own equipment and our expert consultation services. 

Enhance project transparency

Share information across your company: integrate your existing construction management software with ON!Track Unite open APIs.

Read more about ON!Track Unite

How does ON!Track work?

Simpler equipment management with versatile asset tagging and scanners

With ON!Track, you get real-time visibility of your assets from your smartphone or PC – whether you're in the office or out in the field.

To make this possible, we help tag all your assets. Each item gets a unique ID. You can track items manually with barcode scanning. Or add Hilti inventory scanners (gateways) for even more powerful tracking: you’ll get active tracking of Bluetooth®-equipped assets and remote inventory control. That includes Van Gateway for real-time checks of vehicle contents and Telematics Gateway so you can see how and where your heavy equipment is being used. 

What can you manage with ON!Track?

Tools and equipment

Track all brands, not just Hilti. View assets from small drill drivers to 40-ton excavators based on specific criteria and see exactly where they are, including in your vans.

Commodities, consumables and PPE

View and manage supplies and receive low-stock alerts. Run reports to identify wasteful spending.

Safety certifications

Know who has what equipment, how long they've had it and whether they're certified to use it. Check tool safety and compliance requirements.


Schedule and track maintenance and repairs, access equipment documentation and service records directly from the jobsite, plus gain insights into what needs to be replaced.

How to get started with ON!Track

We'll work closely with you to meet the needs of your business

  1. Book an initial consultation and analysis.
  2. We'll work with you to create a concrete plan for how we can deliver savings to your bottom line.
  3. We'll set up the ON!Track system so that the platform is ready to help you manage all your tools, assets and jobsites.
  4. We'll tag all identified assets and scan them to make sure assets are registered in the system.
  5. You'll get comprehensive training and ongoing support including optional analysis of ON!Track data for tool park optimization.

How can I get more from ON!Track?

Boost productivity and profitability with our equipment solutions

ON!Track gives you transparency over your equipment to help you run your business more efficiently. But what if you could also simplify your tool crib by doing almost all your applications all on the same cordless platform? And what if that platform delivered system data to help you decide what tools you really need? How about an all-in-one service package for your tools – with fast repairs and theft coverage and tools on demand for a flat feet fee? Ready to start?

FAQs – ON!Track

Is ON!Track only for Hilti tools and equipment?

Hilti ON!Track is a manufacturer-independent asset management system. You can manage tools, plant, and consumables from any manufacturer or brand.

How much does ON!Track cost to set up?

Our ON!Track consultants will be glad to provide you with an individual and non-binding offer. Get in touch if you would like to arrange a consultation. 

Who implements the ON!Track system?

We will work closely with you to make sure ON!Track is up and running properly. That includes an initial consultation to make sure you have the solution that best fits your needs. Plus you'll get full implentation services – including making sure your equipment and material is captured by the ON!Track system. And you'll also get training and ongoing support.

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