Simpler. Faster. Safer. SafeSet

Save time and money on your construction fastening jobs with SafeSet

The Hilti SafeSet system is designed to be a simpler, faster and safer way to carry out every step of your baseplate, rebar and MEP applications. With SafeSet you can:

  • Eliminate manual cleaning of drilled holes 
  • Save up to 30% on product use with our smart cordless dispenser or eliminate waste altogether with our pre-dosed anchor solutions
  • Save up to 80% on torquing time with our Adaptive Torque (AT) system

Skip manual cleaning of drilled holes

Reduce installation steps with auto-cleaning and non-clean anchor solutions with SafeSet

  • Automatic hole cleaning: combine hollow drill bits with a high-suction Hilti vacuum cleaner to eliminate the need for manual cleaning of drilled holes. This manual cleaning is time-consuming and error-prone, and can lead to unsafe fastening.
  • Non-clean solutions: choose anchors approved for use without extra hole cleaning

Our fasteners range from chemical anchors for fastening threaded rods, rebar and other elements to studs and heavy-duty anchors. Approvals include seismic, use in wet concrete and more. 

Take control of adhesive anchor use

Know exactly how much mortar you are using on the jobsite

  • Use our cordless adhesive anchor dispenser to cut waste – inject only the amount you need
  • Choose foil capsules for faster and more precise installation

Take the pain out of torquing

Torque in line with approvals or technical data with the Adaptive Torque system

Use our Adapative Torque (AT) system for simpler, faster installation. Get time savings of up to 80% for installation of anchors on the jobsite, and minimize the risk of unsafe under-torquing or over-torquing.

Designed for easy use, including by less experienced workers, the AT system combines an impact wrench and a smart torquing module to help you torque to spec or in line with technical data. 

What jobsite applications are covered by SafeSet?


  • Steel and metal – column and beams, platforms and mezzanines, staircases and more
  • Façade – top of slab brackets and front of slab connections  
  • Industrial equipment – machine, equipment and warehouse racking fastening and more
  • Civil – tunnel signs, earth retaining structures and more


  • Extensions of beams, slabs, columns and walls
  • Joints between beams, columns, slabs and walls
  • Strengthening of concrete elements using overlays or jacketing

MEP supports

  • Bolting of modular supports
  • Baseplates in pipe racks, HVAC equipment and electrical supports

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