Our consulting services

Lower your unplanned project costs

Unforeseen or hidden factors like repair costs, buying consumables and general misuse of tools can lead to serious productivity issues on the jobsite. Our consulting services help you avoid these additional costs and stay within budget.

After the tool park analysis i was able to lower my costs by 20%
Onsite analysis identifies hidden project costs


Purchase costs are just a fraction of the real cost of the tool or insert over its lifetime

Our consulting services, such as onsite analysis, bring transparency to your everyday business processes and make you aware of the hidden issues. We visit your jobsite to analyze your power tool park, your stock of inserts and business processes. We assess the number of tools you have, your expenditure on inserts and we identify the hidden costs of repair, administration and downtime. We then recommend the optimal solution to get the job done without excess inventory and maintenance costs.

Dedicated customer service agent just a phone call away


Multichannel approach to help you get the job done as quickly as possible

We have dedicated technical consultants who will meet you directly at the jobsite and offer solutions instantly. Our customer service agents offer advice, take orders, arrange deliveries and repairs all in just one phone call. Get instant access to our products at our many Hilti Stores, where you can try out our tools and inserts and get further advice.

Right solutions for the right application on your jobsite


The right solution for the job

With the right solution for the job you can work faster, more efficiently and with reduced tool wear and repair cost. We help you chose the right tools, inserts and accessories no matter what project and application.

Solutions for your everyday jobsite challenges

Using rebar to fix formwork support

Spending too much on damaged formwork?

When you use rebar to fix formwork support, this often damages the support. The results are penalties, delays and additional spend on abrasives.

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Surface chipping with breakers

Breaking without the breakdowns

Power tools overheat and oil can start leaking when they have been in use for too long. Sending the tool for repair causes annoying delays.  

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Using breakers for floor demolition

Are your air hammers costly to maintain during floor demolition?

Air hammers are costly to maintain. Their compressors are difficult to store and when the air hoses tear, they pose a safety hazard. Regular repairs cause additional downtime and higher transportation costs.

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Rebar doweling in reinforced concrete

Are frequent rebar hits causing damage during drilling?

You can’t avoid hitting rebar when dealing with reinforced concrete. This happens on average one out of three times, causing the drill bit head to break or leaving it badly damaged.

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Wall concrete grinding with angle grinder

Are dust and breakage delaying your concrete grinding?

Your team could be more productive if they wouldn’t have to take breaks because dust obscures their view. Dust also significantly impacts the lifetime of your tool and inserts.

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Diamond coring tools and water management system

No more issues with scheduling

Because of time and complexity, many contractors outsource diamond coring. Scheduling means that a jobsite manager must often wait around for an outside coring team to be scheduled, travel to the site, do the work and then clean up.

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