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Hammer drill bit sets (metric)

Features & Applications
  • New solid carbide head for less wear and more holes with the accuracy required for setting anchors
  • Thanks to its innovative solid carbide head featuring gradient technology, the TE-CX drill bit is capable of drilling through steel rebars without any problem
  • The quadruple helix and optimum head geometry ensure consistently fast drilling progress over the entire life of the drill bit
  • The indicator mark at the head ensures suitability for setting anchors - so long as the mark is visible
  • Unique warranty feature: The drill bit will be replaced in the event of breakage - so long as the wear mark on the helix is visible
  • Drilling holes for metal anchors in reinforced and unreinforced concrete
  • Drilling holes for post-installed rebar connections
  • Drilling drainage holes for drying out buildings
  • Drilling through-holes for pipes and cables up to a depth of 1150 mm
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Item number Base material Tool type Packaging unit Price / Unit Quantity
Price / Unit
ZAR 420.00 / 1 Piece
Ordering & product details
Price / Unit
ZAR 567.03 / 1 Piece
Ordering & product details
Price / Unit
ZAR 2,724.34 / 1 Piece
Ordering & product details
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