Renovation for small and midsize businesses

From demolition to drywall – make every minute on the jobsite count

Want to spend less on labor and materials while still doing quality work you can be proud of? Get ideas on how to make your renovation and remodeling projects more efficient so you can increase profits without cutting corners.

How working with Hilti can help your business

Dedicated small business support

Just call us for tips on everything from which impact wrench you need to time-saving tips for your projects.  

Industry-leading warranty

You get 2-year wear and tear coverage for tools. And did you know hammer drill bits and chisels are covered too?

Premium tools you can depend on

Our products can look expensive on the shelf. But they're designed to work faster and last longer to help you save longer term.

Renovation solutions


Stop dust in its tracks

Because cleaner jobsites help keep you and your team healthy and working

Dust doesn't just mean dirty jobsites. It can also choke up your tools and shorten their working life. Worse, it can be a serious health hazard. And with good workers hard to find and hold on to, keeping you and your team healthy makes sense.

One solution? Choose tools such as breakers, reciprocating saws and angle grinders that with come with dust control systems for a virtually dust-free jobsite.

Switch to faster tools

Because small time savings can really add up

Imagine if you swapped the rotary hammer you use now for one that could drill a hole 10% faster. Doesn't sound like much, does it? But even if you use the tool 30 minutes a day, that's 11 hours saved a year – and that's just for one tool. Add in accessories such as hammer drill bits specially designed for our tools for even more time savings.

Battery technology has come a long way too. The latest generation of cordless tools can deliver performance gains of 30 – 50%, so upgrading your tools can pay for itself.

Four tools for faster renovation work

Powerful wall breaking

Get the performance of corded with virtually no dust and low tool vibration with the TE 500-22 cordless SDS Max demolition hammer.

Shop the TE 500-22 cordless breaker

Precise setting out of drywall tracks

Swap error-prone traditional layout for precise 360° squaring, levelling and aligning with the PM-30 MG multi-line laser.​ 

Shop the PM-30 MG multi-line laser

Quicker fastening of drywall track

Replace gas-actuated tools with the BX 3-22 cordless concrete nailer with 30-nail magazine. Drive up to 850 nails per charge.      

Shop the BX 3-22 cordless concrete nailer

Rapid fastening of drywall boards

Get faster screwdriving with the SD 5000-22. It delivers up to 10% more torque to help you hang more drywall in less time.

Shop the SD 5000-22 drywall screwdriver

Warranty and service redefined

Because you need to be able to depend on your tools – and your accessories too

Our industry-leading warranty doesn't just cover our premium tools. Our drill bits and chisels are covered too. We offer:

  • 20 year materials and workmanship warranty. We will repair or replace tool parts that break as a result of defects in materials or workmanship for 20 years
  • 2 year wear and tear coverage for most tools – no costs for parts, labor or shipping
  • Replacement hammer drill bits and chisels (TE-CX and TE-YX) in most cases when wear mark is visible
  • Faster repairs so you can keep your projects up and running.

Advice – when and where you need it

Because service shouldn't stop when you hit the 'Add to cart' button

We have a dedicated helpline for small construction businesses like yours. Our staff can give you advice on everything from choosing the right tile-removing chisel for your breaker to time-saving tips for installing drywall around pipes. Just call us.

Want to see our tools in action before you make a decision? Get in touch to organize a demo at one of our stores at a time to suit you.

Eight tips for better renovation projects

Make openings – not cracks

When creating openings using a drill bit, you put yourself at risk of peripheral cracks and cracks at the entry and exit of the drill crown. For extremely neat openings, switch to our DD 150-U core drill. Not only is it precise down to the millimetre, but you won't have to worry about cracks either.

Go bigger on breakers

Demolishing brick walls? A heavy-duty SDS-Max breaker can get the job done faster than a smaller breaker designed for lighter jobs.

Drop the drilling

Drilling and cleaning lots of holes when you're installing partition walls can take ages. Swap drilling for direct fastening tools to work faster.

Swap single screws for strips

For faster and easier installation of partition walls, swap single screws for an SD 5000-22 cordless drywall screwdriver with a magazine for collated screws. The optimized strip feed system means less jamming and fewer lost screws. Plus you can work with one hand free so you can hold and adjust the plasterboard as needed.

Speed up grinding work

For concrete grinding, a tool like the DGH 130 system is up to 50% more efficient than standard angle grinders. Choose from a range of finishing pads for a high quality finish.

Work longer with AVR

Use breakers that come with active vibration reduction (AVR). This helps extend tool life and minimize fatigue as you can work longer and more comfortably.

Stick to one battery platform

Jobs like installing partitions are complex. But if you stick to one battery platform and keep tool bodies and a pair of batteries nearby, you can cut drywall track, fasten it to the ceiling and floor, assemble the studs, hang the drywall and then make cutouts without leaving your work area.

Kick the cords

Want extra mobility for smaller floor breaking jobs or wall breaking work? Or maybe you have limited access to an external power supply? Try cordless tools that give you the flexibility you need without compromising on performance.

Looking for more inspiration?

All your tools on one cordless platform?

No more hunting around for different batteries from different cordless platforms. Do all your jobs from drywall track fastening to floor breaking using the same high-performing cordless plaftorm. Welcome to Nuron.   

Switch to one cordless platform

Take the guesswork out of tool costs

What if you could pay a fixed monthly fee that covered all your tools including their use, service and repair costs? With our tool Fleet Management program, we take care of your tools so you can focus on running your business.

Get peace of mind on tool costs

Work safer – stop dust in its tracks

Keeping you and your teams healthy is our priority. From dust control systems for your drilling and breaking jobs to jobsite vacs and air cleaners, we have a wide range of solution to reduce your exposure to dust. 

Discover dust control solutions

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