Bridges and viaducts

Solutions for bridge repairs, construction and demolition

From bridge decking extensions to crash barrier fastening or controlled demolition, we offer rigorously tested and reliable solutions for new and existing road and rail bridges. Partner with us to access software, tools and expert support designed to assist you at every stage of your civil infrastructure project.


Anchoring design solutions

Streamlined design of compliant fastenings for bridge applications

Benefit from faster design of steel-to-concrete and concrete-to-concrete connections that automatically meet relevant codes and approvals with our PROFIS Engineering software.

Alongside EN 1992-1 for rebar design and EN 1992-4 for designing anchors to fix baseplates, codes covered include European Technical Report TR 066 for the design of post-installed shear connection between two concrete layers and European Technical Report TR 069 for the design of post-installed rebar in moment-resisting connections.  

Baseplate connections

Faster, more reliable anchoring of crash and noise barriers and handrails

Fastening requirements for steel baseplate applications in bridge projects vary greatly – from optimum performance under dynamic loading for noise reduction barriers to dissipation of impact loads for crash barriers.

Our baseplate fastening solutions include options with a design working life of 100 years and cover the need for corrosion protection in challenging environmental conditions. You can also get more productive and accurate chemical anchor setting with our SafeSet method. And our Adaptive Torque system provides efficient setting of Hilti expansion anchors in line with international approvals.

Concrete extensions

Versatile anchoring systems for bridge applications using post-installed rebar

Post-installed reinforcing bars (PIR) are used in applications such as bridge deck extensions and strengthening of bridge piers. Our PIR solutions comprise ETA-approved anchoring systems with a design working life of 100 years, including seismic and fatigue. We can even offer Engineering Judgements for 120-year service life.

For faster, more accurate and safer PIR installation, our SafeSet system gives you virtually-dust free drilling without the need for hole cleaning and precise mortar injection with the HDE 500-22 adhesive dispenser. We also offer concrete scanners and pull-out testing.

Concrete overlays

Obtain reliable shear transfer with ETA-approved systems

Retrofitting bridges for higher traffic flows is a cost-effective alternative to building new infrastructure.

Concrete overlays are the preferred method for widening and strengthening bridge decks and bringing them up to the latest technical standards. Our ETA-appoved systems for reliable shear transfer between bridge decks and concrete overlays include special injection-type shear connectors. These systems meet static, quasi-static, seismic and fatigue requirements.  

Cable and pipe supports

Flexible fastening and modular support systems for bridges

Bridges are exposed to enormous static loads and extreme temperature fluctuations. This presents challenges for the fastening of services such as electrical cables or wastewater pipes. Incorrect installation can lead to dynamic loading problems.

Our modular support solutions include corrosion-resistant components and seismic options. They allow for service bundling to help save costs. We'll assist at every stage – from initial planning and building information modeling (BIM) to detailed design and prefabrication as well as final on-site support.

Controlled bridge demolition

Faster, more precise bridge demolition with diamond tools

Traditional methods for complete or partial bridge demolition can be slow and expensive. There's also a risk of damage to nearby buildings or structures.

But you can carry out demolition tasks with greater precision, speed and safety using our diamond tools. Our diamond wall saws offer easier use and faster cutting even when working at height. And our diamond wire saws allow you to make cuts of virtually any depth in reinforced concrete in both wet and dry conditions.

Bridges: insights and challenges

Download our free white paper on bridges and viaducts for:

  • Overview of regulatory framework for post-installed fastening systems
  • Technical descriptions of key application types
  • Summary of design principles for applications – including for static, seismic and fatigue where relevant
  • Suggested installation solutions in line with approvals

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