Agriculture & Food Production/Processing

Innovative solutions for the unique demands of Agriculture & Food Processing day to day processes

Making sure that the production & supply chain keeps moving is key

With more and more strain being put on the global food supply, Agriculture and Food Production/Processing,  is becoming ever more important.          

Solving problems quickly and effectively can save time and money in each step of the process. Thus, making sure that the production & supply chain keeps moving is key to maintaining product integrity, safety and profitability. 



At Hilti we are committed to ongoing research, continuously developing innovative products with the aim of increasing safety and productivity in every sector.

This applies to Agriculture and Farming too, where routine maintenance like general repair work, maintenance of machinery and infrastructure are carried out as day-to-day tasks.

Food Production & Processing

Food Production & Processing

Hilti offers a variety of innovative solutions to meet the unique demands of the Food Production sector. Food and beverages production facilities are fitted with complicated and sensitive equipment and Hilti is focused on providing solutions that deliver greater flexibility and productivity in daily tasks, as well as any future expansions or re-designs of facilities.

Hilti Services

Hilti tool services

Tool Services

Our local tool services are designed to offer the building construction professional the ability to keep their work uninterrupted with our high standards in repair quality and logistics services. Read More

Hilti Logistics services

Engineering Services 

Hilti offers a variety of technical support services to educate and assist Architects and Engineers in evaluating and specifying our innovative products. Hilti engineers and technical specialists support your team in developing application-oriented design solutions. We utilize our expertise to consult, train, and educate the design and construction community on key structural and non-structural applications. We offer a wide variety of technical services with the sole aim of becoming partners with our respected customers to build a better future. Read More

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