Formwork spacers for wall and floor construction

Position formwork spacers for formboards quickly and precisely with Hilti powder-actuated fastening solutions

Formwork spacers

Positioning formboards correctly requires precision. Our Hilti forming spacers offer a convenient solution for quick and precise positioning of formwork. Once the forming spacer has been fastened, it's an excellent aid for machine-assisted placement of the formwork panels. Use our powder-actuated fastening technology to safely drive the nail. Once installed it will maintain its stability for continued, precise positioning of the concrete walls. 

Selection made easy

Formwork spacer, powder-actuated direct fastening tool and wall thickness selector

Not all nails are created equal

A quick guide to selecting the right nail for concrete

There’s a large variety of nails to choose from for direct fastening applications. It’s not always easy to understand the differences between the various nail types and to select the right nail for your needs. Use our nail selection guide to help you make the right choice.

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One system for all your needs

Take a look at all the applications you can perform using just one direct fastening system. Our reliable, high-performance fastening tools make the job quicker and easier while meeting the highest quality and safety standards.

Installing formboards

Installing formboards

Install formwork boards swiftly and in compliance with the highest safety standards.

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Fastening drainage and waterproofing memberane

Fastening drainage and waterproofing membranes

Fasten drainage and waterproofing membranes to concrete surfaces and joints the quick and reliable way!

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