Next level drywall

Work faster and cut labor costs

Looking to speed up your drywall installation and increase profit margins? Hilti drywall solutions help boost productivity and cut labor costs at every stage of your project. Offering everything from a comprehensive range of cordless interior finishing tools that run on the same battery platform to easy-to-install firestop solutions, Hilti can cover most of your drywall project needs.


Faster layout

Measuring solutions for all your project challenges

Laying out drywall tracks? Forget labor-intensive and error-prone manual chalk measurements. The Hilti range of robust, easy-to-use measuring tools helps make tasks like squaring, levelling and track layout faster and more precise than ever. Whether your challenge is a lack of time, large distances, complex layouts or even a digital project setup — Hilti has the right laser measuring tools to help increase your productivity straight away. For even greater productivity gains, tools such as the PM 30-MG multi-line laser and the PR 30-HVSG indoor rotating laser level can be operated by just one person.

A cut above

More consistent, safer track and frame cutting

Tin snips are slow and inaccurate. Angle grinders can shower you with sparks. Chop saws aren’t portable. If you need quick, consistent track and frame cutting, reach for the Hilti SC 5ML-22 cordless circular saw for fast, precise and cold cuts in metal. It is fast, clean and virtually spark-free and use long-lasting blades or cutting heads that help reduce costs and downtime. Portable and designed for comfortable use, it uses a 22V battery.

BX 3 A22 Battery Actuated Tool

Smarter fastening

Quickly put track and frame in its place

Speed up your track fastening with the battery-powered BX 3-L track fastening nailer. Powered by the same 22V battery as your other Hilti cordless drywall tools, it has less recoil and is quieter to operate than gas nailers while making ordering and disposing of gas cans a thing of the past. Drive up to 800 track fastening nails with a single charge and enjoy faster, safer and cleaner track fastening than you would get by drilling holes and installing anchors. 

Magazine power

Collated screw systems for faster framing and board fastening

For repetitive interior finishing tasks like fastening drywall boards to metal or drywall boards to wood as well as framing of wood or metal frames, you need a system that is fast, reliable and comfortable to use. Say goodbye to single screws and combine the light-weight SD 5000 A-22 cordless drywall screwdriver with a magazine for collated screws such as the SD-M 1 or SD-M 2, and this will help you fasten more boards a day than ever before. For greater productivity use robust Hilti framing screws designed to prevent tip burning and reduce dancing. Our boarding screws have sharper tips so they can be driven quickly.

Simpler firestopping

Easy-to-handle firestop solutions

For drywall tasks including sealing of joints, cables and pipe penetrations, Hilti offers easy-to-handle firestop solutions with a broad range of approvals. To enjoy increased efficiency when caulking joints, use the CFS dispenser with fire or acoustic sealant. In addition, we offer a wide variety of preformed firestop solutions for penetrations and joints, such as the CP 617 firestop putty pads, that are faster and cleaner to install and easier to inspect. These solutions help save time and money while also allowing you to perform the work yourself rather than bringing in a firestop contractor.

Support and training

Simplify design and fill skills gaps

Need direct fastening training? Hilti offers online DX certification run by experts. Or maybe you want to reduce the time you spend on drywall planning and specification? Our automated screw/nail selector helps simplify product selection and ordering. Meanwhile, you can visit the Hilti online firestop design center and submittal tool to generate firestop designs and submittals with ease. If you still can’t find what you need, simply ask Hilti engineers for technical support. And if you want accurate data on how many screws, nails and other consumables you’re using, the Hilti Connect App will keep you fully up to date.

Take control of your inventory

What equipment do you have? Who’s using it and where? Do your tools need maintenance or calibration? Is it to time to renew training or certification? Get all this critical information and more in close to real time with ON!Track, Hilti’s equipment management software for the construction industry.

Find out more

Training designed with you in mind

Whether you are looking for an online session on how to operate a specific tool, an accredited live webinar on a key construction topic or a tailored health and safety courses that meets the specific needs of your jobsite, Hilti offers a wide range of learning options — all delivered by experts.

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How Hilti engineers can help

Partner with Hilti to benefit from expert support through all stages of the project lifecycle from design to installation to building management. We offer everything from specialist advice and accredited training to on-site testing and engineering judgements to help ensure you find the approved solutions you need. 

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