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Video Tutorials

  • How to register as a new customer

    Register to enjoy great benefits of Hilti at your fingertips

  • How to create an order from a product catalogue

    Simple steps to create an order from Hilti product catalogue

  • How to change your account data

    Something different since your last visit? Here's how to keep us up to date on what's happening with you.

  • How to book in a tool for repair on Hilti Online

    Is your tool due for a repair? Book it in yourself online for a faster repair turnaround time

  • How to request a copy of your invoice on Hilti Online.

    One of the incredible benefits of Hilti Online is that you are able to view and access all past invoices in one place

  • How to track an order

    Need to know where your order is? In this video we will show you how to the info you need to find it.

  • How to track your repair status on Hilti Online.

    Get real time detailed updates throughout the process of your repair

  • How to Download and Print tool list on Hilti Online

    Keeping track of your tools is hard enough, here you can keep track of basic information as well as order repairs or maintenance.

  • How to check Stock Availability on Hilti Online

    Want to check if your favorite product is in stock? Watch this video to see how you can check stock availability.

  • How to create a quotation on Hilti Online

    Watch this video to see how you can get the total cost of products you might need.

  • How to Convert a Quotation with changes on Hilti Online.

    Do you need to make a change to your quotation? Watch this video to see how possible it is with Hilti Online.

  • How to Quick Convert a Quotation on Hilti Online

    Have an existing quotation that you want to place an order for? Click here to see how easy it is online

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