Intelligent Quote Conversion

Automate your Quotation-to-Pay process with Hilti

Hilti B2B e-procurement - Intelligent Quote Conversion

Intelligent Quote Conversion Solution, popularly referred to as 'IQC', is an eB2B procurement solution.

It is a process where you are provided with the ability to perform quote conversions independently, without the need of sending an email or picking up the phone.


Hilti B2B e-procurement

A few notable benefits include:

More control over your conversions with new, previously unavailable options

  • You can now specify your requested delivery date and request changes to be made to your quotation all with the click of a few buttons!

Speed and Efficiency

  • Once you have received your quotation from a Hilti Account Manager or Customer Service Representative, you can quickly and easily convert with IQC


See the instructions below to learn how to use IQC.

Making your quotation to pay process more transparent and efficient

Hilti Quotation

1. Once you receive your quotation email

Click on the “Click Here” hyperlink to be redirected to HOL and complete the conversion

Hilti Online - IQC

2. To convert your quotation as is

A new page will open with the “Quote Go Ahead” form generated and your Quotation Number prepopulated 

Confirm Quote information-iqc

3. Complete the required fields marked with an asterisk

(Purchase Order Number/Ref and Preferred Delivery Date) and check the “I would like to PLACE THE ORDER according to the quotation” if you would like to convert the quotation as is

Final View-IQC

4. Click “Place Order”

Your order has now been placed! You will receive an emailed order confirmation shortly

Making changes to your quotation has never been easier

Making changes to a Hilti Quotation

To make changes to your quotation before converting

After clicking the link in your quotation email, complete the required fields marked with an asterisk (Purchase Order Number/Ref and Preferred Delivery Date) and check the “I would like to MAKE CHANGES and then place the order” checkbox

Adjusting quote - IQC

Make changes to the delivery address, if needed

After selecting the checkbox, you will have the option of correcting an incorrect delivery address, or highlighting incorrect items or quantities in your quotation

Final view- IQC

Make changes to incorrect items and/or quantities

If the quotation contains incorrect items and/or quantities, check the “No” button following the “Are the items and quantities correct?” option. You will then be able to enter any specific changes that you would like us to make to your quotation

Once you have specified the changes that you would like us to make, check the “Terms of Service” checkbox and click “Place Order”

A Hilti Customer Service agent will then review your request and update your quotation as necessary.


If you’d like help to choose the best solution for your company, contact your local Hilti team. We’re always happy to help.

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